ESTERI GROUP, Veikko Nummela OY represents long-term and extensive professional skills in its field for a total of more than 125 years. Our strong expertise can be seen not only from our own products and service, but also from the products and machines we represent.

We manufacture vehicle mounted fire-fighting pumps, portable pumps, pump units which can be transported by road or air, pump containers and other equipment for the transfer of fire-fighting water. We also manufacture fire equipment according to the customer’s order and design.

As the cornerstone of our company, the main product groups are Esteri water pumps, TR-Water monitors, Rauplan couplings, branch pipes, nozzles, and other extinguishing equipment, as well as HOSE MASTER hose maintenance unit. We constantly test new materials and working methods to improve our product quality.  Today, our Esteri, TR, RPL and Hose Master products are used in demanding conditions in more than 30 countries around the world.