The company entity represents a very long-term and extensive professionalism in its field for more than 125 years. Also special expertise in services, our products and machining. Main product categories are Esteri – firepumps, TR-Vesitykit, Rauplan couplings, Branch pipes and also Rauplan extinquishing products. Our own products are the base of our company. We constantly invest into evolving the quality of our products by testing new materials and different ways of manufacturing. Products manufactured by us like Esteri-firepumps, Pesukarhu- and Multifire-branch pipes and TR-Water monitors are being used in over 30 countries in difficult conditions. We manufacture our couplings by all the most common standards.

VEIKKO NUMMELA OY is a Finnish manufacturer in firmly installing fire pumps into mobile units. We manufacture firmly installed fire pumps into mobile units, fire water pumps, towable fire pump units, fire pump containers and also equipment for transferring firefighting water. We also do fire pump and pipe installations. We also manufacture firefighting equipment based on the clients order and plan. Our clients are all fire- and rescue operating departments, companies who use pump equipment and communities and also their suppliers. This company was founded in 1968 in Kaarina.

TR-VESITYKIT OY is a metal works shop based in Kaarina, which has been manufacturing high quality Finnish firefighting products, water monitors and also their accessories. Our product categories include hand fire pumps and hydraulic fire pumps, which can be installed into firetrucks, cranes, factorysites or wherever where firefighting equipment is needed.

RAUPLAN OY was founded in 1970 in Rauma for Olkiluoto 1 needs for steel. After the project the company specialized in selling Finnish fire couplings and later also to manufacturing them. Product evolution has always been an important part of our operation. The past few years we have been focusing on improving branch pipes and also different fire couplings quality and durability