Esteri 300

EN 1028 classification FPN 10-3000
Nominal flow rate 3000lpm/10Bar
Nominal impeller speed 3800rpm
Nominal power demand 90kW
Volute material Bronze or Aluminium
Weight (midship) Bronze 89 kg, Aluminium 47 kg
Impeller material Bronze
Pump shaft material Stainless steel
Gearbox material Aluminium
Impeller rotation Clockwise or counterclokwise
Gearbox ratios 1:1.17, 1:1.37, 1:1.53, 1:1.71, 1:1.92, 1:2.16, 1:2.45
Drive flange 31SAE, 41SAE, DIN100, DIN120 or customized
Limit pressure 17 Bar
Operating temperature range -15 °C … +55 °C (-30 °C to be agreed)

Esteri pumps can be delivered with wide range of accessories. Listed below are some of typical options:

  • Priming device (Compressed air, electrical or piston type)
  • RTP foam proportioner (automatic or manual)
  • Pressure gauges
  • Pressure relief valve
  • Heat guard
  • Pump heating lines
  • RPM sensors

For more information, contact Esteri Group sales.