1861001-Formtex Ultra

Formtex Ultra

Semi-rigid fire hose, designed to be as lightweight as possible. Specially adapted for indoor hose reels.

Formtex Industri Extra

Even stronger, with fuorescent marking.

  • • Remarkable flexibility, much better than other hose types.
  • • Can cope with extreme bends, with low friction against ”flooring and obstacles.
  • • Amazingly lightweight. One third the weight of standard rubber or plastic hoses.
  • • Highly durable, with a very high burst pressure despite the low weight.
  • • Outstanding ageing resistance thanks to 100 % EPDM rubber and polyester construction.
  • • Incredibly flexible even at very low temperatures
  • • Certified as follows:
  • Industri, Ultra and Ultra Extra: SSEN694. Industri Extra: SSEN 694/SSEN 1947.