Rescue Boat Arctic A4

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The A4 Rescue boat is designed to be a rapid reaction unit to assist in marine rescue and oil spill response activities as well as a sister ship to a larger vessel.

Although A4 was originally designed for three people, however, the CE immersion test approved that the boat was stable and safe enough to be registered for six people. The boat can be easily launched from all shores due to its low weight and it requires no launch ramp since 4 people can carry it to water.

The structure of the hull consists of three airtight compartments, which can be additionally filled with floatation bags. The boat will not sink even with a full load of water and a hole in the bottom.

HMWPE Polyethylene is an excellent boat building material for professional boats. The material is very resistant to bumps and impacts. Damage caused by extreme conditions can be repaired easily and in a simple way, even by yourself. A PE500 protection plate is welded under the boat's keel, which makes it easy to tow the boat on a cart, on the ground, on a beach, on snow and ice. Although the A4 is light in weight, it is stable and safe in use